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Spotify connects with Facebook

It’s so much easier to connect to your friends on Facebook compared to connecting to Spotify friends

This is clearly something that the Spotify team understands 🙂

Have a look at this video to get the big picture

Spotify – the next generation http://bit.ly/bslC5X

Microsoft Live meeting and Spotify in your brand new Volvo with touchscreen-based rear seat entertainment system

You should not drive and use your mobile phone without a headset. What about driving and making a communicator call or attending a Microsoft Live meeting using the new Windows XP (!) touchscreen-based rear seat entertainment system?

A Windows touchscreen-based rear seat entertainment system with windows and a 3G / 4G connection gives you endless possibilities!


  • Listening to Spotify
  • Streaming video to your kids in the back seat
  • Making VoIP calls with Skype or other VoIP software such as Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Use your imagination 🙂

Named the RSEi-500, the unit is based around a touchscreen of unspecified size, and packs a 500GB hard drive for media storage, a DVD player, USB and A/V inputs, and built-in WiFi to let you pair it with a Sprint OverDrive or other mobile hotspot

More information @Engadget