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Why work doesn’t happen at work

For all of you with experience from working in an office and having a manager, this TED talk will be of great interest!

Jason Fried is a believer in the mindset “It’s simple until you make it complicated”. The way he argues for his ideas on how to solve the problem with meeting & managers goes hand in hand with his mindset. Managers and meetings districts you too much so that you become less productive

Fried talks about  how weird it that many employees are most productive in trains, cafes, at home, but not in the office

Fried gives us three pieces of advice:

  • Cancel you meeting and notice that work will still happen
  • No-talk Thursdays. “quiet time” prohibiting coworkers from talking
  • Replacing active communication, like conversation, with passive forms such as email
  • Cancel your meetings. Things will still get done

I find it interesting that Fried is a big fan of e-mail when the trend in general is to use more IM and less e-mail.