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Do you know how Office 365 will impact the user experience and infrastructure complexity?

A: Yes I get the big picture but as you probably have learned the hard way; it’s the details that matter in the end.

It’s easy to look a the license fee for a cloud user, but can you tell the total cost per user when including all affected areas?

It’s time to refresh my cloud readiness and get updated on Office 365. I plan to take some technical training and then have an “easy” time with the sales training.

The coexistence between a private cloud and Office 365 needs to be understood in detail. The impact on the user experience, changing infrastructure requirements and raised security concerns are fundamental areas to cover when deciding if your company is ready to take the leap. I´m working with large on-site deployments of Microsoft Lync,   I’ve also had a sneak peak at what´s possible with Lync Online

Office 365

Here are some Office 365 partner training that can get you started:

Additional information from TechEd Europe 2010

If you know of any great  Office 365 training, please drop a comment.

Microsoft releases significant updates for Live Meeting client…better late than never

I found it a bit interesting when the OCS Debug/Code Escalation Scenarios blog posted this on November 23:

“However we generally recommend using Automatic detection, are there some limitations with using Automatic Configuration in your organization, that you all can help identify ?”

Request for comments: Does your Live Meeting Console use explicitly specified Internal and External Server name (or IP Address) in User Accounts->Adavanced Connection Settings, if so Why ?

So why do I find this interesting? Well it can hardly be something that have come to the attention of the product team recently…maybe it has been on the bottom on their to-do list?  It’s great that they have asked for feedback and released a new Live Meeting 2007 client. Here’s the news in the update package for the Windows-based Live Meeting 2007 client: November 2010


This update package fixes the following issues:

  • 2432127 You cannot join conference calls by using the Live Meeting 2007 console when only the A records are configured and not the SRV records
  • 2432132 The text in some shapes of a slide cannot be displayed after you upload a PowerPoint 2003 presentation to a Live Meeting in Office Live Meeting 2007
  • 2432137 PowerPoint slides are not recorded when you record a Live Meeting that has a PowerPoint presentation uploaded in Office Living Meeting 2007
  • 2432119 A user from one company cannot use an Office Live Meeting 2007 console to join a Live Meeting that is organized by another company
  • 2432112 A live meeting may continue when a presenter exits the meeting by clicking the close button (X) in the Live Meeting 2007 console window

Well I’ll throw Live Meeting 2007 in the thrash when Lync Online launches 🙂

Live Meeting is ok but Lync is just so much better!