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Hosted UC (Saas / Cloud) needs a clear strategy / business case / Governance model

Art Rosenberg published an excellent article on Hosted “All-in-One” IP Telephony Platform Supports UC Services for Both Enterprise Users and Customers at Unified Communication Strategies.

Great article! It seems as Art has adapted to Bern Elliot´s (Gartner) view on CEPB, I like this concept! Still I think additional time is required before CEBP (Communication Enabled Business Processes hits the top of the Hype Cycle. CEBP may be a reality for call center intense business but otherwise there´s a long way to go. Hosted Services is the way to go for many companies but the obstacles to overcome is in my point of view, are not related to technology.

The real challenge for many companies is the governance model; telephony and IT blend and there are few System Owners/Consultants/CEOs with competence in both areas. It´s one thing to implement a solution, but adapting the solution to the business processes is more difficult. UC consultant with business skills will have great customer cases. Buying hosted UC as a cloud service (SaaS) will require the same perspective as for other hosted services.

Build a governance model fit for handling hosted UC before making the investments – even more important; build a strong business case that´s firmly connected to your companies’ business goal and strategies.

Going fast into hosted UC can be really expensive if you´re unaware of the obstacles in your path. Good luck!