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Clarification on date for Microsoft Lync General Availability

I believe that many readers of this blog post at Office Communications Group Team Blog made the following interpretation: Lync General Availability is 17 november. This was confirmed from one of my Microsoft contacts.

On November 2nd,  Kirk Gregersen, Sr. Director Microsoft Lync makes this additional statement:

”As I noted in the blog our worldwide launch event is on the calendar for Wednesday, November 17th, 2010.  The final milestone, known as GA or general availability, is December 1st, when existing customers who have maintained their SA (Software Assurance license), as well as new Lync customers, will be able to download Lync Server 2010 from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center”

“For those who want to download a version of the product prior to General Availability, a 180-Day Evaluation Edition will be available on November 17, 2010”

If you´re not a MS UC partner you have to wait to  December 1st to download the RTM…

As always, visit Nexthop for great information on Mycrosoft Lync and Office Communication Server!

UC consultant – get a broader (business) perspective!

Unified Communications in all it´s technology oriented glory is amazing to work with. I really like to get some perspective on how customers (companies) adopt the technology in their organizations. Harvard Business Review gives you tech guys (me included) a broadened perspective.

Unified Communications (UC) has been the buzz word for a long time but I like the add an extra “C” to give it more relevance.
Building one silo for communication and another for collaboration is the wrong way to go! So let´s use the term UC&C (Gartner) as often as you can. To make it even easier to adapt, I like using “communication & collaboration” when talking to with

Harvard Business Review offers  – HBR Today – a great iPhone app that let´s you learn more by reading blogs, listening to audio/video casts.

In my job as Senior Consultant at UClarity, it´s the combination between technology and business that we want to offer our customers!

It´s not enough to tell the CEO/CTO/CFO that they will benefit from UC&C, it´s so much easier for a decision maker if they have a strong partner helping with a business case (that includes end-user feedback) and a strategy.

Don´t let Microsoft, IBM or Cisco build your UC&C strategy, that´s something that should be done by a vendor independent consultant.

Hosted UC (Saas / Cloud) needs a clear strategy / business case / Governance model

Art Rosenberg published an excellent article on Hosted “All-in-One” IP Telephony Platform Supports UC Services for Both Enterprise Users and Customers at Unified Communication Strategies.

Great article! It seems as Art has adapted to Bern Elliot´s (Gartner) view on CEPB, I like this concept! Still I think additional time is required before CEBP (Communication Enabled Business Processes hits the top of the Hype Cycle. CEBP may be a reality for call center intense business but otherwise there´s a long way to go. Hosted Services is the way to go for many companies but the obstacles to overcome is in my point of view, are not related to technology.

The real challenge for many companies is the governance model; telephony and IT blend and there are few System Owners/Consultants/CEOs with competence in both areas. It´s one thing to implement a solution, but adapting the solution to the business processes is more difficult. UC consultant with business skills will have great customer cases. Buying hosted UC as a cloud service (SaaS) will require the same perspective as for other hosted services.

Build a governance model fit for handling hosted UC before making the investments – even more important; build a strong business case that´s firmly connected to your companies’ business goal and strategies.

Going fast into hosted UC can be really expensive if you´re unaware of the obstacles in your path. Good luck!

Telia Sonera delivers Unified Communications as a Service

“Barcelona, February 15 – Telepo today announced at Mobile World Congress that it had added TeliaSonera as its first major Communications Service Provider to offer Unified Communications as a Service through Telepo Business Communication Solution” http://ow.ly/17AkQ

At this stage is hard to determine how mature this service is or when it will be offered. But still, if Telepto are able to deliver what´s promised in the press release; the Scandinavian market can look forward to a great new era.

Telia Sonera are putting huge resources into transitioning their network to IP based architecture. Telia Sonera have a strong foothold with many large companies with large PBX investments, this is especially true for the Swedish market.

The capability to offer Unified Communications as a Service is the way of the future, a telco provider failing to deliver is this area will fall behind in the race.

Telepo is a rising star and Gartner praises them as a “Cool vendor in Wireless and Mobile”

“Telepo BCS is a complete mobile Unified Communications solution. It meets the need of fixed, mobile and IP voice communications and call control services. Traditional desk phones and private branch exchange (PBX) systems are easily integrated with the solution. Unique to BCS is that users have a single identity and the same set of services regardless the device being used and that it has been designed to support users with mobility in focus” http://bit.ly/d7mG0W