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Do you know how Office 365 will impact the user experience and infrastructure complexity?

A: Yes I get the big picture but as you probably have learned the hard way; it’s the details that matter in the end.

It’s easy to look a the license fee for a cloud user, but can you tell the total cost per user when including all affected areas?

It’s time to refresh my cloud readiness and get updated on Office 365. I plan to take some technical training and then have an “easy” time with the sales training.

The coexistence between a private cloud and Office 365 needs to be understood in detail. The impact on the user experience, changing infrastructure requirements and raised security concerns are fundamental areas to cover when deciding if your company is ready to take the leap. I´m working with large on-site deployments of Microsoft Lync,   I’ve also had a sneak peak at what´s possible with Lync Online

Office 365

Here are some Office 365 partner training that can get you started:

Additional information from TechEd Europe 2010

If you know of any great  Office 365 training, please drop a comment.

Service description for Office Communications (OC) Online Standard

“Microsoft® Office Communications Online is a hosted, enterprise-class communications solution based on Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2. Office Communications Online provides your organization with real-time communications capabilities including secure instant messaging and delivery of “presence” information.”


UC consultant – get a broader (business) perspective!

Unified Communications in all it´s technology oriented glory is amazing to work with. I really like to get some perspective on how customers (companies) adopt the technology in their organizations. Harvard Business Review gives you tech guys (me included) a broadened perspective.

Unified Communications (UC) has been the buzz word for a long time but I like the add an extra “C” to give it more relevance.
Building one silo for communication and another for collaboration is the wrong way to go! So let´s use the term UC&C (Gartner) as often as you can. To make it even easier to adapt, I like using “communication & collaboration” when talking to with

Harvard Business Review offers  – HBR Today – a great iPhone app that let´s you learn more by reading blogs, listening to audio/video casts.

In my job as Senior Consultant at UClarity, it´s the combination between technology and business that we want to offer our customers!

It´s not enough to tell the CEO/CTO/CFO that they will benefit from UC&C, it´s so much easier for a decision maker if they have a strong partner helping with a business case (that includes end-user feedback) and a strategy.

Don´t let Microsoft, IBM or Cisco build your UC&C strategy, that´s something that should be done by a vendor independent consultant.

CIO / CEO: Evaluate Cloud SaaS email & collaboration and get a head start

There´s a lost of fuzz about cloud / SaaS based email and collaboration solution, fixed costs and less worries attracts many CIOs / CEOs. Before you read tons of literature and listen to sales people from Microsoft, Google and IBM; try the experience for free and get a head start!

Click here to create a free demo account and try out the solutions, this makes is so much easier to compare!

Here are links to the most popular cloud (SaaS) based email and collaboration suites:

IBM Lotus Live

Goggle Apps

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS)