Microsoft Lync Client for Windows Phone 7 is here

Great news for all of you that´s been waiting for a mobile Lync client…it´s on Marketplace – download here! Link is broken

Update: Lync WP7 Client FAQ

According to Michael W. Olesen’s blog, it delivers the following capabilities:

  • Perform normal chat, presence management, note editing etc
  • Manage contacts, groups etc in Lync
  • View contacts’ calendars
  • Search contacts in AD
  • Manage multiple profiles – ideal for ie. Consultants and others who could connect to multiple locations. Some of you who notice that we store credentials on the phone (AES enctrypted)…. The server can set a policy preventing this on the devices

Please be aware of that this client is not from the Microsoft Lync Product team, their client haven´t yet been released. In my previous blog post you can read more about Microsoft’s official statement on Lync clients for mobile devices.
Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of the Office business productivity group reweled some interesting facts during his keynote at Enterprise Connect in Orlando  “We have a strategy that says best and first on Windows,” he said, with clients for iPhone, Android, and Nokia to follow (wonder how long the Nokia client will be maintained).

The “unofficial” Lync client for WP7 is now available on Marketplace. Note that backend and gateway services is required. The same developer team seems to be working on a Lync client for iPhone…cool!

9 responses to “Microsoft Lync Client for Windows Phone 7 is here

  1. The link for downloading doesn’t work. Also searching the Marketplace doesn’t turn up the client either.

  2. Daniel,
    I would like to introduce a Lync Application to you that will be of high interest to you.
    Please email me at

  3. Any update on the mobile 7 client? I am eager to test it on my lync environment.

  4. Is there an OCS client for WP 7?

    I had one on Windows Mobile 6.X, but in moving to WP 7 I now can no longer do mobile IM&P.

    I’m not sure my company will move to Lync for quite some time so in the meantime, I’m hosed.

  5. I tried the app, but I can’t connect: The remote server returned an error: NotFound

    I don’t get this, Lync works fine for us if we use the lync client,… We are accessing lync through 443 instead of 5561.

    Does somebody know how to get the app working?

  6. Hi Daniel,

    It looks like the link in marketplace to the Lync client is still not working.
    Could you have a look at it, much appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Thinh Vu (diehard Lync fan)

  7. There is currently a mobile client for Microsoft Lync 2010 from AltiGen Communications Their Max Mobile for Lync application can be downloaded from iTunes.

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