Do you know how Office 365 will impact the user experience and infrastructure complexity?

A: Yes I get the big picture but as you probably have learned the hard way; it’s the details that matter in the end.

It’s easy to look a the license fee for a cloud user, but can you tell the total cost per user when including all affected areas?

It’s time to refresh my cloud readiness and get updated on Office 365. I plan to take some technical training and then have an “easy” time with the sales training.

The coexistence between a private cloud and Office 365 needs to be understood in detail. The impact on the user experience, changing infrastructure requirements and raised security concerns are fundamental areas to cover when deciding if your company is ready to take the leap. I´m working with large on-site deployments of Microsoft Lync,   I’ve also had a sneak peak at what´s possible with Lync Online

Office 365

Here are some Office 365 partner training that can get you started:

Additional information from TechEd Europe 2010

If you know of any great  Office 365 training, please drop a comment.

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