Office Communications Server 2010 (wave 14) recap

Here is a great recap from the “Inside OCS” blog, I´ll do a follow up soon!


“1) A new version of Office Communications Server (likely to be called OCS 2010).  Here are the highlights:

  • Capable of being a full PBX replacement (another step in Microsoft’s software powered telephony vision).
  • New “Branch Survivability” features (more branch availability options besides deploying more servers).
  • Emergency 911 support.
  • PSTN Failover.
  • Analog Device Support.
  • Remote Call Control will be deprecated (existing RCC deployments will likely be able to upgrade and be supported).
  • There will likely be a new ‘Voice CAL’ (Client Access License) for users to access the new enterprise-voice features.

2) A new version Office Communicator (code-named “14” right-now).

3) New OCS Server and Client Development SDK’s:

  • A set of fully supported (not just samples) Communicator controls in WPF and Silverlight.
  • UCMA 3.0 will be a server-side API with workflow activities.
  • Much more information is available in Chris Mayo’s PDC session (see below).
  • An Early Adopter Program is available if you are interested in getting an early look at the SDKs.”

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